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Your Norfolk home is built today but designed for the future. Our energy-efficient design and construction does more than save energy. It improves the comfort and quality of your home.

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Our homes are engineered to conserve energy and save you money on utility bills through carefully selected features and appliances.

  • Sealed ducts allow your home to heat and cool efficiently, delivering maximum performance with efficient energy usage.

  • Low-E windows reduce damaging ultraviolet (UV) light, the rays that over time will fade color on fabrics. Blocking UV rays save your carpets, furniture, drapes and floors from fading and sun damage.  Blocking infrared light and keeping interiors comfortable no matter what the weather.  Low E energy efficient windows help you save on heating and cooling costs.  

  • Foam and caulk air sealing limits air infiltration, increasing comfort and decreasing energy usage.

  • ENERGY STAR appliances are certified to save energy without compromising convenience, performance, and durability.

  • Water-efficient faucets and showerheads conserve water by imposing usage limits while still delivering a steady flow.

  • Minimum Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) 13 HVAC provides comfortable temperatures without burdening your electricity usage.

  • Smart thermostat allows you to customize how you live helping to conserve energy and reduce cost.


Our commitment to quality is backed by independent inspections and testing throughout the construction process.

  • 12” Overhangs provide protection against strong winds and heavy rains preventing water from running over the edge of the house.  Snow and other debris are also caught by this extended edge

  • Engineered floor and roof systems add stability to the structure of your home.

  • Schluter Shower System provides a waterproof, fully bonded assembly with seamless corners, protecting against the growth of mold and mildew.

  • PEX plumbing is flexible and provides a seamless water system limiting joints and fittings.

  • 16” on center stud walls provides a stable, sturdy structure versus a 24” system which may be used by other builders to save on materials costs.

  • Engineered HVAC systems are designed specifically for each home plan and these right-sized systems ensure that your heating and air conditioning efficiently and effectively support every area of your home. 

  • LEED-certified, low-VOC paints are used to protect the air quality in your home, prohibiting the emission of compounds, like benzene, formaldehyde, and toluene.

  • Advanced framing and air sealing methods produce the structural integrity that contributes to lasting quality.

  • Steel beams and columns add to the strength of the structure of your home.

Our first meeting with Lynn at Norfolk Homes set the tone for the entire experience! She was supportive while being direct and honest which was so helpful in the initial decision making. She also worked seamlessly with our realtor making our job as the buyer super simple! Our experience at the design studio was similar. The designer was patient and friendly, giving us the space to make our decisions that were so important in building the home we'd envisioned. Interacting with the builder Mike was equally positive! He anticipated our questions and honored our requests without hesitation. After working with the team to plan our home, it was built as quickly as possible and met every expectation! Icing on the cake, Mike still checks on us, offering help and friendly guidance as we navigate being new home owners. If you’re considering building, you’ll be at home with Norfolk!

Allison & Chris