Our Story

Building Dreams

One Home at a Time

When we started our company in 1993, we had one goal in mind; to build beautiful, distinctive homes with character that served their surrounding communities. We never believed that "one size fits all". Some home builders and construction companies try to design a community by redefining what they think is successful, we prefer to simply enhance the community with unique homes that are a reflection of the regional characteristics, and the people that live in them. It is important for us to never lose sight of what we do; which is more than develop land and build homes, we build trust, communities, and futures. Your home is more than just a financial investment, or a place to hang your hat; we believe your home is an intricate part of who you are.

The Name

Once we had envisioned our philosophy, we needed a name. Naming the company after only one of us would not do it justice; it would not capture the essence of what we stand for. After all, it takes a whole team to accomplish something as important as building people's futures. One person cannot do it alone, so the company name needed to reflect that. We wanted it to embrace the same kind of feeling that you get when you realize your dream of buying a new home. So we contemplated, our good experiences, our favorite memories, and then we remembered a county in England that we had visited called "Norfolk". We instantly agreed it was a name that reminded us that there are some experiences in life that you never forget.

The Difference

In the spirit of making a difference, we decided to re-think and re-evaluate what homeowners want in today's market. We know that just because something used to work in the past does not mean it will work in today's world. Take a formal dining room for instance. For many of us, it is a room that is seldom used more than once or twice a year, except when it is your turn to host the holidays, and then there is never enough room. All your guests are squeezed in uncomfortably, and no matter how many chairs you stuff around the table, inevitably, some people end up at the tiny "kids" table in another room, (like the in-laws.) We believe your home should revolve around you, not the other way around. We have floor plans that are designed to enhance the way you live, so you don't end up with rooms that you simply pass through. We build homes that fuse functionality with elegance. Making the most of your everyday living space, makes the most of your investment.

The Future

When we started off with the "Briarhaven" model as our very first home, we never imagined then how far we would come. In fact, to this day the "Briarhaven" is still a favorite plan of our clients. Now it's just one of the many beautiful plans we offer today's home buyers. Now our unique collection of homes and communities extend throughout southeast Michigan.   It just proves that when you care, and you listen, you can make a difference. We simply set out to make a positive change, to do something that matters and we continue to build dreams, one home at a time.

Our first meeting with Lynn at Norfolk Homes set the tone for the entire experience! She was supportive while being direct and honest which was so helpful in the initial decision making. She also worked seamlessly with our realtor making our job as the buyer super simple! Our experience at the design studio was similar. The designer was patient and friendly, giving us the space to make our decisions that were so important in building the home we'd envisioned. Interacting with the builder Mike was equally positive! He anticipated our questions and honored our requests without hesitation. After working with the team to plan our home, it was built as quickly as possible and met every expectation! Icing on the cake, Mike still checks on us, offering help and friendly guidance as we navigate being new home owners. If you’re considering building, you’ll be at home with Norfolk!

Allison & Chris