The Norfolk Homes Team

A Message from Our Owner...

“What We Do Matters”

Owning your own home has always been considered the American dream. Our country was built by dreamers looking for a new land to call home. They worked hard and made their dreams real. We each own our piece of that dream by living, loving and making memories in the place we call home. I’ve enjoyed being around the process of creating homes since I was a young man working alongside my father. In 1952 when Dad built his first home, he had a dream - to build a beautiful, distinctive home that reflected the character of the new owner and served the surrounding community. He never believed that "one size fits all" because everyone has a dream and everyone’s dream is their own.

At Norfolk Homes, we believe it’s time to dream again.

We are listening! May we start building your dream home today?

When my partner and I founded this company nearly 20 years ago, we took naming inspiration from Norfolk County, England, a family favorite vacation destination. The simple elegance of the landscapes and timeless beauty of the architecture resonated with us. It represents facets of what we value in the homes we build. We hope your home will stir similar warm and welcoming feelings for you.

Today we still believe your home is your dream, and it’s our privilege to be a part of it. Your dream is important to us. So, we seek to understand what you want in a home. Then we adapt and personalize your home to YOU. Norfolk Homes are designed to enrich the way you live and play. Interior planning and features focus on YOUR desires, wants, and needs. We offer a variety of designs with flexibility so that your home is blended with your lifestyle.

Our dream has grown since Dad built that first home nearly 60 years ago. With thousands of homes built to date over more than 6 decades, in various cities and states, across most price ranges and styles, we understand the privilege of the trust that you’ve place in us to build your dream home. We do not take the opportunity lightly. It’s important to us that you know we never forget your home is an extension of who you are and how you live. Our company finds great satisfaction in fulfilling your dream of“home”.

From one Dreamer to another,

Jim Franke, Owner

Meet the Norfolk Team

Sean Lefere

COO/Vice President

Mark Johnson


Bryan Reidel

Production Manager

Lisa Bartleman

Sales Director

David Darkowski

Land Development Manager

Dean A. Franchi

Purchasing Director

Laura Baker

Design Studio Coordinator

Tammy Poling

Assistant Purchasing Manager

We are so very grateful for everything you all have done to make this home possible. Every time we walk into our home we are struck with how beautiful it is. Going through the build process with you folks to guide us, we felt such a sense of caring that we were left feeling that we were part of an extended family. We will definitely be referring friends and family to Norfolk whenever the opportunity arises.

Randy and Sue