Why Buy New

Top 10 Reasons

To Purchase a New Home

In today's market, there are more housing choices than ever before. So how do you choose the home that is best for your family? Purchasing a new or used "resale" home is just one of the choices today's home shoppers face. Here are our top ten reasons we believe that purchasing a new home delivers superior value and convenience.


Custom Personalization

Purchasing a new home enables you to choose a floorplan that best suits your individual needs. You can also select the finishing touches that will turn the house into your home. Our industry experts from interior design to media technology are available to help you every step of the way.


Energy Efficiency

New homes are built tighter and more efficiently than ever before, taking less energy to heat and cool. High performance windows and glass doors improve energy efficiency while protecting window coverings and furniture from fading. Advances in cooling and heating technology create a consistently comfortable home without the "hot" or "cold" zones of some older homes. Improved insulation means new homes provide a more quiet living environment.



New homes come with a warranty so you spend less money and time on repairs. Housing experts suggest homeowners spend between 1-3% of market value to maintain their resale home-not to mention their time in performing the repairs. Norfolk Homes has hired one of the top warranty companies in the industry to manage our warranty so you receive quality care and professional service.


Contemporary Technology

Plenty of strategically-placed lights and electrical outlets are included in today's homes. Many older homes are lacking in these appreciated features. Every Norfolk home also includes an abundance of windows for natural light.  Smart home technology and home theater systems are available for purchase and installation prior to your move-in.


Architecturally-Distinct Design

Our homes are designed with the needs of modern families in mind. Open kitchens and great rooms create more opportunities for family time, while private spaces like master suites offering  free standing tubs and large walk-in showers create a quiet retreat. Each of our home plans offer three distinct exterior elevations to suit your preferred home style.  There is a traditional elevation, an urban farmhouse elevation  and a craftsman elevation.    



When purchasing a resale house you can only put your unique stamp on the home after the previous owner has moved out. Unless you have a place to stay that means renovating while you are living in the home. What a hassle. With a new home all of the finishing touches are complete when you take ownership. All you have to do is move in and enjoy.



Today's homes have appropriate electrical power systems to handle the demands of modern equipment.  Tempered glass in shower enclosures prevent broken glass from shattering and causing injury. Smoke detectors are hard-wired and looped together so if one detector is triggered, all of them sound an alarm.


Healthier Living Environment

Harmful elements like asbestos and lead are no longer used in new home construction. Advances in air filtration and circulation and water purification contribute to healthier living options.


New Schools and Parks

Most new home communities are built near new schools and parks. New schools attract top teachers and boast state-of-the-art facilities and technological amenities, while new parks offer the latest in safe play structures.


It's Your Story

With a resale home, you are stepping into someone else's story. With a new home you are moving into a blank slate on which to write the story of your unique family. And you've set the stage perfectly by selecting the home design and decorative options that best reflect your individual lifestyle.