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First in Line—Why Buying Now with Norfolk Homes Puts You Ahead of the Pack

February 22, 2024

At Norfolk Homes, we believe that purchasing a new home is not just a transaction—it's an investment in your future, and timing undoubtedly matters. Nestled in the heart of Ann Arbor, MI, our team has extensive experience in crafting top-quality new homes throughout sought-after communities, and we know the ins and outs of the new home industry through and through—especially when it comes to the best time to buy. From getting ahead of the spring rush to taking advantage of lower interest, there’s no better time than the present to make your move with our team at Norfolk Homes, and we’re here to tell you why. Read below as we explore the advantages of buying now and discover the intricacies of timing, customization, market trends and financial benefits.

Beat the spring market

Springtime often ushers in a flurry of activity in the real estate market, typically due to tax returns and people trying to start the process before the start of the next school year. By purchasing your home now, you can bypass the spring rush and secure your slice of paradise before the competition heats up. Avoid the hassle of bidding wars and the frustration of limited options by taking advantage of the current market conditions with Norfolk Homes—where you can take your time, explore an array of quick move-in and customizable options and enjoy the bliss of not feeling rushed or pressured throughout your new home journey. 

Start now to get in before the end of the year

In the realm of homebuilding, timing is everything. By buying now, you position yourself to move into your dream home before the end of the year if you’re buying a custom home. Additionally, starting the beginning of the build process now grants you the unique opportunity to witness your vision materialize from the ground up without feeling any urgency or stress due to intense competition. One of the hallmarks of Norfolk Homes is our dedication to customization, and when you buy now, you have the freedom to tailor every aspect of your home to suit your lifestyle and preferences. With our team by your side, you can experience the excitement of watching your home take shape over the next couple of seasons—knowing that every brick laid and every room framed is a step closer to creating your perfect sanctuary.

Financial opportunities

In addition to the convenience of timing, buying now presents significant financial advantages. With interest rates lowering, there has never been a better time to invest in homeownership—plus, at Norfolk Homes, we’re currently offering a best rate guarantee, ensuring that you receive the most favorable financing options available. By locking in a low interest rate, you can potentially save thousands of dollars over the life of your mortgage—maximizing your savings and ensuring the best possible value for your investment. 

Don’t wait—Buy now with Norfolk Homes

The decision to buy now is not just about finding a place to live—it's about seizing an opportunity to shape your future with an Ann Arbor, MI homebuilder you can trust. With Norfolk Homes, you have the chance to be part of a legacy of excellence in homebuilding, rooted in quality, craftsmanship, superior customer service and innovation. Whether you're starting from the ground up or taking advantage of one of our quick move-in new homes in Ann Arbor, we are committed to helping you create the home of your dreams. So don’t wait—take the first step toward homeownership today and discover the unparalleled benefits of buying now with Norfolk Homes. Browse through our top-quality new homes throughout Ann Arbor, Dexter, Chelsea, Saline, Marshall and Jackson to find the one for you, and give us a call at (734) 336-1912 or contact us online to get started today!  

I have been very impressed so far with how well organized Norfolk Homes is. Working with Laura in the Design Center and then Tim at MIProTechs - and of course Lisa over all- has been a very helpful and enjoyable process, and I look forward to everything else coming together as seamlessly.