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More than money: the emotional benefits of owning your home

September 21, 2021

Many builders and industry professionals talk up the financial benefits of owning a home versus renting—but the emotional benefits are often overlooked. Investing your money into a home is obviously important to your financial future, but the team at Norfolk Homes is well-aware of how homeownership impacts your family as a whole.  

Plant your family’s roots 

The founder of Norfolk Homes was inspired by his own father’s career in the business, and the importance of family still shines through in all we do. Our team knows how much value is placed on the safety, security and stability of your family. When you move on from renting to owning, the members of your household can find comfort in knowing that the home is yours for as long as you need it to be—no forced moves due to negligent landlords, exponential increases in rent or changes in management. Additionally, owning a home means your children can stay in one school district, develop strong friendships and start to understand the benefit of working towards a significant goal like homeownership. 

Make it your own 

When renting a home or apartment, you have very few options in the personalization and customization of your space. The most you can really get away with is painting walls, and even then, it could lead to more work down the road when you’re asked to repaint—or lose your deposit. Owning a home gives you the power to personalize every single aspect of it, and buying a home from Norfolk Homes gives you endless possibilities. 

Once you choose the perfect floor plan for your family, our team will meet with you at the design studio. Options for flooring, cabinetry, backsplash, countertops, fireplaces, paint colors and hardware allows you to cater your home to the exact specifications and style you’ve been dreaming of. Be sure to browse our finishes and materials on the design studio page for inspiration and the photo and video gallery to get a glimpse of what owning a Norfolk home looks like. 

Immerse yourself in the community 

When you own a home, your connection to the community grows more every day. You’ll have the ability to get to know your neighbors, participate in community events, get involved in local activities and more. Being a homeowner also provides a greater commitment to the area around your house, and might push you to be more involved in local issues like development, schools, traffic control and other community affairs. Owning will give you greater pride in your home, as well as greater pride in the surrounding community. 

Get started today 

If you’re ready to take a leap from the unpredictable and unstable world of renting into the steadfastness of home ownership, Norfolk Homes is here to help you on your journey. For more than 20 years, our team has been building high-quality homes in thoughtfully-designed communities throughout the greater Ann Arbor area—and we’re ready to show you the impactful, emotional benefits of owning a home. 

To learn more about our eight-step building process or to take a tour of a model home in your future neighborhood, call our team at (734) 408-0780 or contact us online.  

My husband and I are building our first home with Norfolk Homes in the Mystic Ridge community. We have had nothing but an amazing experience with Marisa and the rest of the Norfolk team. We started the entire process in December 2020 not knowing what to expect. Despite being in the middle of a global pandemic, we are so happy we've made the decision to trust Marisa (and Ralph!) to make our custom home dreams come true! We understood going in, that with COVID-19, materials and labor were going to be hard to come by, but Ralph has been working very hard to ensure our house will be built quickly and correctly within our realistic timeframe. We cannot wait to move in and in the meantime are telling all of our friends to build a home in our new neighborhood.