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Norfolk Homes and TK Designs Partner on New Home Designs

January 10, 2019

TK Design was approached by Norfolk Homes in early 2017 to design an entire new housing line-up. As one of the countries’ top home design firms, TK Design was up to the challenge. Norfolk’s goal was to start from scratch to create the most beautiful, current, and liveable homes anywhere.  Concerned with ensuring the best value, Norfolk tasked TK Design to create new designs that were exciting and cutting edge while being lean and efficient to build. Minimal spatial waste was a priority, creating top value was a leading design driver.

Todd Hallett AIA, owner of TK Design stated “We were excited to work with Norfolk Homes. They have been a leading home builder in Michigan for over 25 years. Together we were able to take the most exciting new trends from around the country and implement them into their home designs. Norfolk Home’s new lineup represents the best of the best in aesthetics, form and function. There is no question that Norfolk will execute the designs beautifully.”

Some of the hottest design trends in this new lineup include:  

Modern Farm House and Urban Craftsman exteriors which employ the use of a variety of forms and textures to take a classic look and update it for today’s clean lines. 

Kitchen design that employs the use of oversized islands with ample seating, and power pantries. The kitchens are designed to be much more open to the other living areas in the home than in years past.

Absence of formal rooms that are rarely used, instead employing that space in high use areas such as the family entry.

Minimizing wasted hallways and designing the home’s circulation to be through spaces, maximizing usable square footage.

Creating numerous vistas throughout the home designs with long views and deliberate focal points.

Capitalizing on opportunities for natural light by using numerous large windows.

Integrating the outdoors with the indoors by providing transition spaces with outdoor living opportunities.

The strong collaboration between TK Design and Norfolk Homes was the key to creating an exciting, fresh new series of homes that will thrill homeowners for many years to come. Each home has been thoughtfully designed and meticulously reviewed to create the strongest possible offering at the best possible value.

It was great meeting with the two of you the other day. We had a blast picking out our options and are really excited to move forward on our home.

Byran & Rebecca