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Right-Size Your Life—Starting with Your Home

October 25, 2019

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Right-size your life—starting with your home—so your abode fits perfectly to your needs. As things change, you need to adapt. Maybe the kids have grown up and moved out (at last). Or you’re looking ahead and want more freedom from home maintenance and costs. At Norfolk Homes, we get it. We build for people in all stages of their homebuying experience, from the first-timer to the empty-nester. 

Have you thought about how your home fits you? It’s not just about size, although, yes, size matters. What about storage space? Does the kitchen have the features you want? Are you spending more and more time doing repairs and updates? Winter is coming here in Ann Arbor, so are you going to go through another season battling the heating bill of a home that’s not energy efficient?

Start with an inventory

Stop and take a mental inventory about what you love about your home and what you’d like to change. Go from room to room and ask yourself, what could/should/can I improve? 

Then do a “big picture” view. Have you lost your passion for climbing stairs? Do you have rooms you rarely use but frequently clean?

Stand outside and look at your home’s exterior and the yard. Give it a good look. How does the roof look? Could the door use a refresh? Does your driveway need some TLC?

Add it all up. Does your home really fit you? Don’t you think it should? Your home is both a financial and emotional investment, so be sure you’re getting the maximum return on both. You just might be ready for a fresh start.

Level it out

Single-level home designs have grown significantly in popularity, as more people prefer to eliminate stairs. Norfolk Homes has a wide variety of ranch-style homes, like The Boulder, offering 1,603 square feet of living space, and The Clare, a spacious 3-bedroom ranch with nearly 2,500 square feet. The Abington, The Kengstington, and The Natural are also popular single-level choices and are available in three different elevations: Traditional, Craftsman and Farmhouse.

Regain your freedom

Do you feel trapped by a house that needs a lot of your time and money? Your home might have reached the age where things are approaching the end of their life, like the roof, furnace, or air conditioning system. Maybe it was built without energy-efficient windows, so you’re weighing the cost for replacement.

The care and feeding of an aging home gets expensive. Those costs restrict your freedom, because you’re putting time, energy, and money into home repair. A new home frees you from those ties. A new home is fully updated and backed by a warranty. You have nothing to fix or replace. From the major appliances to the water heater and other systems, it’s all covered. What would it feel like to live in a home that gave you comfort without needing anything in return?

Use the money you save on home maintenance for something more enjoyable. Travel, explore new experiences, and tick off the items on your bucket list, one by one.

Right-sizing your life begins with your home. Find the place and space that enhances your day-to-day living without adding challenges. Maybe it’s a condominium style where maintenance is no longer your worry. Our award-winning Oak Grove neighborhood in Jackson, MI, features detached, single-family ranch homes from 1,395 to 1,812 square feet. They’re affordably priced from the low $200,000s, and exterior maintenance is included.

StoneRidge Creek in Summit Township presents another maintenance-free community. Here, we have paired ranch homes with Norfolk Homes’ high quality finishes. The homes are quickly selling out, but we have a move-in ready, single-level home available right now.

Where is life taking you? Is your home keeping up? Take a look at Norfolk Homescommunities of single-family homes, villas, and townhomes for sale throughout the Greater Ann Arbor region. 

Let us show you how a new home can give you the joy, freedom, and comfort you deserve.

It was great meeting with the two of you the other day. We had a blast picking out our options and are really excited to move forward on our home.

Byran & Rebecca