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Tips to keep your mudroom organized and clean

May 19, 2021

Mudrooms are a sought-after feature in new-construction homes, which is why Norfolk Homes incorporates them into so many of our townhome and single-family floor plans. We aim to make them even more functional by including a closet in each mudroom, but also offering built-in cubbies as an optional add-on. Our team uses high-quality materials that complement the interiors of our homes, so the shelves will fit seamlessly into the space. While you can forgo this option and choose your own mudroom organization system later on, built-in cubby systems will be ready and installed by the time you move into your home—meaning you can start getting the space organized right away. Built-in organization also helps add to the resale value of your home, should you ever have to move.  

Image of a Norfolk Home mudroom off of the kitchen.

An organized mudroom can help make your day a little bit easier—so we’ve provided a few tips on ways to optimize this area of your home. 

Create and assign a personal area for each family member 

Whether your family is big or small, having a dedicated space for each member in the mudroom is a great way to stay organized. It helps both kids and the parents keep track of various items, and will make getting out the door a breeze. Kids can store backpacks, coats, gear for sports, instruments or anything else for their hobbies and lessons. Parents will appreciate having a spot for their purses, wallets, key, coats and winter gear. 

Make use of mats and boot scrapers 

Even though every Norfolk home comes with durable, high-quality flooring, you should place one mat on each side of your entrance to the mudroom. Crossing over two mats before entering will catch a lot of dirt and water off of shoes, keeping it out of your home. Additionally, a boot scraper in the garage will keep your home much cleaner during the snowy Michigan winters. 

Designate a space for wet or muddy shoes and outerwear

Once you’ve wiped your shoes and scraped your boots, it’s ideal to have a place to store them where the water won’t get onto the floor or inside your built-ins. An indoor drip tray can be placed right next to the door to hold rain boots, snow boots and umbrellas while they dry off. Even further, you can add a hook to the wall space above the drip tray to hang rain coats and snowy winter coats. 

Image of a Norfolk Home mudroom.

Include pets in the plan for your mudroom 

The mudroom is a perfect spot to keep your furry family member’s essentials organized, as well. Use one of your built-in cubbies or the closet to store their food, leashes, treats, medication and more. Some people choose to keep litter boxes in the mudroom as well. 

Centralize the household and family schedule  

Because every family member will pass through this space, it’s an ideal area to post a calendar with upcoming events, practice schedules and game times—ensuring everyone gets where they need to be. This is also a good place to sort mail, permission slips and homework. 

If a mudroom is on your list of non-negotiables, the team at Norfolk Homes can help you navigate our floor plan options to find the best, most functional layout for your family. Check out our current inventory of quick move-in homes or browse our new-construction communities in the greater Ann Arbor area to get started on your journey to a new home. Contact us via online form for any questions you have. 

My husband and I are building our first home with Norfolk Homes in the Mystic Ridge community. We have had nothing but an amazing experience with Marisa and the rest of the Norfolk team. We started the entire process in December 2020 not knowing what to expect. Despite being in the middle of a global pandemic, we are so happy we've made the decision to trust Marisa (and Ralph!) to make our custom home dreams come true! We understood going in, that with COVID-19, materials and labor were going to be hard to come by, but Ralph has been working very hard to ensure our house will be built quickly and correctly within our realistic timeframe. We cannot wait to move in and in the meantime are telling all of our friends to build a home in our new neighborhood.