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Benefits of Living Near a College Town

September 8, 2021

When you think of living in a college town, you might have fond flashbacks to the four (give or take) years you spent pursuing an education in a town you temporarily called home. But who’s to say you can’t enjoy living in or near a college town when you’re not a student? Norfolk Homes is proud to build our signature new-construction communities with sought-after floor plans and features in the greater Ann Arbor area—home to the University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan University and several smaller schools. If you’re considering making a move to Ann Arbor, Dexter, Saline, Grass Lake, Jackson or Chelsea, read on for the benefits you and your family can experience when living in or near a college town. 

An abundance of activities 

Colleges place a heavy focus on activities and attractions to keep their students, faculty and visitors entertained, much to the benefit of residents living around them. College athletics are an obvious standout, as you can enjoy watching games from the stadium or at a nearby sports bar as often as you’d like. Whether you’re already a fan from going to school in the town you live near or have adopted the team as your own since moving, cheering them on will always help you feel more connected to your community. 

Aside from sports, college towns often have an amazing restaurant and bar scene. On campus, residents can snag affordable tickets to concerts, museum exhibits, film screenings, art shows and plays put on by students. No matter how you’re looking to spend time in your town, areas on and around campus will offer plenty of things to do. 

Enjoy more diversity and culture 

Universities engage with and recruit students, faculty and staff from all over the country, even around the world—creating higher percentages of diverse populations throughout the surrounding areas. Living in or near a college town means you’ll have the opportunity to interact with people of all backgrounds, of all ages and all walks of life. 

Ample employment opportunities

In college towns across the country, the university is often a major—if not the largest—employer in the area. You don’t need to be a professor to secure a stellar job at a university, as there are plenty of positions ranging from research and finance to marketing and sales. Schools also attract other businesses to the area creating even more job opportunities for residents at corporations, healthcare facilities and more. 

Norfolk Homes communities 

Moving near a college town has its perks, whether you’re an alumni of the area school or not. When you’re not out enjoying the entertainment and meeting new people, residents can look forward to time spent at home. Norfolk Homes has been building high-quality houses and desirable communities for decades, and owning one will make life close to a college town that much better. With the floor plans, features and personalization options that today’s homebuyers are looking for, it won’t take long to find your dream home in the greater Ann Arbor area. 

Check out our building process to see how Norfolk Homes simplifies your journey to a new-construction home—and contact us today to get started. Call our office at (734) 408-0780 or fill out an online form.

We had the pleasure of working with Lisa while purchasing a Norfolk Home. Her friendly, knowledgeable, "go beyond the norm" assistance was truly appreciated.

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