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Navigating 2024 Home Design Trends: A Conversation with Norfolk Homes' Laura Baker

January 2, 2024

With 2024 on the horizon, new beginnings, new goals and new aspirations are taking center stage—as well as new home design trends. As the years come and go, so do innovations and styles in home design, and our team at Norfolk Homes is proud to stand tall as a leading homebuilder in the Ann Arbor, MI area that seamlessly blends these trends with timeless elegance—especially with our Design Studio Coordinator, Laura Baker, leading the way. To shed light on what lies ahead, we sat down with Laura for an exclusive glimpse into the anticipated home design trends of 2024.

Staying ahead of the curve: What to expect from Norfolk Homes

At Norfolk Homes, we recognize the importance of staying ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of home design—and we certainly plan on continuing this philosophy into the new year. According to Laura, “Lighter woods, warmer whites and neutrals, spa-like bathrooms, large windows and consciousness around sustainability will be important aspects of design in 2024.” This insight allows us to continually refine our offerings at the Design Studio—ensuring our Ann Arbor homeowners have access to the latest and most desirable options.

Laura emphasizes, “Norfolk has countless options that can be incorporated to create a home with these features in mind. At our Design Studio, we are always working with our partners to ensure we have the best selections from their lines to offer to our homeowners. On top of that, we have so many options that effortlessly combine the trends with classic sophistication—ensuring that it’s easy to get the look that our clients are dreaming of.” 

Embracing warm neutrals: The color palette of 2024

The color palette of a home sets the tone for its atmosphere, and Norfolk Homes is dedicated to curating choices that resonate with the evolving preferences of modern homeowners. Laura shares her insights into the color schemes likely to be in style for new homes in 2024, stating, “Warm neutrals and earthy beiges have a very calm and comforting effect, which is exactly how people want their homes to feel. Whites and grays will still be very popular—but we will definitely be seeing the warmer neutrals featured in 2024.”

Laura's expertise guides us to introduce a new cabinet color from Merillat called Bluff. “I would describe it as a warm greige—absolutely on trend for 2024.” This attention to detail showcases our commitment to offering the latest and most stylish options, ensuring Norfolk Homes remains at the forefront of home design.

Flexibility: The evolution of home layouts

Understanding the dynamic nature of people's lives, Norfolk Homes has always recognized the importance of flexibility in home layouts—and this will stay consistent in 2024. According to Laura, “Flexibility will continue to be at the forefront, as people's lives are constantly changing along with their needs.” From home offices to spare bedrooms to open living areas, our new homes in Ann Arbor are designed to seamlessly adapt to the diverse lifestyles of our residents.

Laura notes, “At Norfolk, we can work with you to create a space that fits your needs. Some builders might not entertain any changes to floor plans, but here, we will explore options for you and let you know what is possible, which has been really important to our homeowners.” This client-focused approach ensures that Norfolk Homes adapts to changing lifestyles—making us the preferred choice for those seeking a home that evolves with them.

Sustainability: A conscious approach to design choices

As sustainability becomes a growing concern, Norfolk Homes is proactive in incorporating eco-friendly elements into our designs. Laura acknowledges this shift, stating, “People are definitely more aware of the choices they make and how those choices affect the environment.”

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond awareness to practical solutions. Laura adds, “Greater options regarding heating and cooling, as well as decisions on appliances, play an important role when trying to have less of an impact. Smart home technology is important not only to help simplify daily life—but is an additional way to help reduce waste.” Norfolk Homes is at the forefront of this eco-conscious movement, ensuring our homes are not just stylish but also environmentally responsible with our exceptional energy-efficient features.

Balancing timeless and trendy: Navigating home design choices in 2024

Navigating the balance between timeless and trendy design is an art, and Norfolk Homes is here to guide homeowners through this process. “The most important bit of advice I can give when balancing design trends and timeless design is to be true to your own style,” Laura advises. “One way to approach trends in home design is to stay a little safer when it comes to the more difficult items to change, and maybe be a little bold on the things that can be changed easily. A coat of paint, an accent chair or some fun pendants are a lot easier to change out than your kitchen cabinets. If you prioritize character over cookie-cutter trends, you will always have a home that you will be proud of and represents who you are—and that is far more impactful and meaningful than any home design trend.”

Our commitment to helping homeowners express their unique style is unwavering, and just like Laura—our entire team encourages homeowners to approach trends with confidence, offering expert guidance on where to take bold steps and where to tread lightly. As we step into 2024, Norfolk Homes is proud to continue our commitment to delivering incredible new homes in Ann Arbor, MI that not only reflect the latest trends—but also stand the test of time. With Laura Baker's expert insights guiding the way and our esteemed reputation, there’s no better builder to trust with a phenomenal new home in 2024. Give us a call at (734) 336-1912 or contact us online to learn more about our new homes in Ann Arbor and start your exciting journey today.  

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