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Smart Homes for a Smarter World

August 13, 2020

Today’s smart homes may not have the food-preparing kitchen or holographic personal assistants that ‘90s movies depicted, but the demand for them is still growing exponentially. Predictions say there will be 70.6 million smart home households by 2023, doubled from 34.8 in 2018—and Norfolk Homes wants to help you build the custom smart home of your dreams in the greater Ann Arbor area. 

Norfolk Homes offers an included package of hand-selected smart home features as well as the ability to personalize your home from there through a partnership with MI Pro Techs. Additional features include a whole home vacuum system, security systems, speakers and more. 


When your smart home is wired for connectivity, you never have to worry about a slow router or spotty network again. As your living quarters shift to a home office and online classroom, it’s imperative that everyone has the access they need to succeed, with features like: 

- Structured wire panels that connect the home and external network, bringing together the router and all smart home wiring 

- Pre-wiring to easily connect your access point and Wi-Fi for a superior wireless network throughout your home

- Combined CAT-6 wiring and RG 6 cable preps to enable fast and reliable streaming options for your smart TVs (included in the great room and master bedroom)

Comfort & Efficiency

Spending so much time at home has probably taken a toll on your electricity bills. With smart home technology on your side, you can reduce your house’s carbon footprint and make sure your home is comfortable without wasting wattage (or money). Your home will come equipped with: 

- Energy-saving Leviton light switches that allow homeowners to control their front porch lights, garage lights and dining room fixtures from anywhere using a phone, switch or even your voice (compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple Home Kit and Samsung Smart Things)

- Scheduled lights to adjust automatically at predetermined times 

- Honeywell thermostat that’s Energy Star certified, seamlessly integrates with Android and Apple devices and can be programmed to make the most of your home’s temperature settings

Security & Safety 

Protecting your home and the people inside it doesn’t have to be a difficult, expensive process. You can rest assured that every step has been taken to ensure your new house is as safe as possible with technology like: 

- SkyBell Smart Video doorbell, which combines the functions of a weather-proof doorbell, motion sensor, security camera and two-way intercom into one easy-to-use interface 

- LiftMaster myQ Garage Door that connects to your home network, allowing you to open, close or check the status of your garage doors from anywhere (and receive notifications on your smartphone when the garage door opens and closes) 

- Leviton light switches, which uses the Smart Away feature to create the appearance of being home (even when you’re not) by turning front porch, garage and dining room lights on and off in a natural rhythym 

What once felt like a far-off future has become the new reality. Smart homes can help keep your family connected, comfortable and safe—even when the world seems uncertain. To start your journey towards owning a smart home of your own in the Ann Arbor area, contact us today.

It was great meeting with the two of you the other day. We had a blast picking out our options and are really excited to move forward on our home.

Byran & Rebecca