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Top 5 Reasons People are Moving to Ann Arbor: The Best Place to Live in America

March 23, 2023

The booming city of Ann Arbor, Michigan has been making headlines as one of the best places to live in the entire country, and for good reason. The city has become a hotspot for families looking for a high-quality way of living, and the inflow of new residents is not slowing down anytime soon. As a trusted homebuilder in this vibrant area for over 30 years, Norfolk Homes has always recognized the appeal of Ann Arbor—so read below to dive into the top five reasons people are moving to Ann Arbor, and why you should consider making the move too.

1. A focus on education

One of the standout features of Ann Arbor is its world-renowned education system. This city is home to The University of Michigan, which is not just any university—it is a world-renowned institution that consistently ranks among the top public universities in the country. It attracts the brightest minds from around the globe and fosters a culture of intellectual curiosity and innovation. This same mindset is certainly apparent in the public schools throughout Ann Arbor and its surrounding areas—which are often highly regarded and offer students a rigorous curriculum and numerous opportunities for extracurricular activities. For families and individuals looking for a community that values education (and college sports), Ann Arbor is the perfect place to call home.

2. A city that has it all

From arts and culture and the culinary scene to the beautiful outdoor activities and endless entertainment—there’s no doubt that Ann Arbor can offer a phenomenal quality of life for all types of people. Residents and visitors alike enjoy the Ann Arbor Art Fair, which takes place every summer and is known to be one of the largest art fairs in the country. The thriving city is also home to numerous theaters, museums and galleries—offering residents endless opportunities to explore and appreciate the arts. Food enthusiasts will never have a shortage of new places to try and explore, as the Ann Arbor area boasts a diverse range of restaurants, cafes and food trucks offering everything from classic American fare to international cuisine. Ann Arbor is the perfect place for those who enjoy both the hustle and bustle of city life—but also the tranquility of nature. Ann Arbor is home to several beautiful parks and nature reserves, including the stunning Huron River, which runs through the heart of the city. It's a great place for hiking, kayaking, and fishing, and provides residents with a peaceful escape from the city's urban core. As MovingWaldo put it, "Ann Arbor is a mix of the rural and urban, sporty and smart, outdoorsy and high-tech city," and our team at Norfolk Homes is proud to build high-quality homes in this diverse, breathtaking city.

3. Endless opportunities

In addition to its excellent education system, vibrant entertainment scene and abundant nature—Ann Arbor also offers numerous opportunities for residents to grow and thrive. The city is a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship, with many startups and tech companies calling it home. This provides an array of fantastic job opportunities for residents while also creating a culture of innovation and creativity that permeates the entire community. And, for those who are interested in community involvement and volunteering, Ann Arbor has a thriving nonprofit sector with many organizations dedicated to social justice, environmental conservation and several other important causes. Whether you're looking to volunteer or find ways to give back to the people around us, there are many opportunities to get involved and find personal fulfillment in the Ann Arbor area.

4. Sense of community

One of the most appealing aspects of life in Ann Arbor is the strong sense of community that pervades the city. Despite its status as a bustling college town and cultural hub, Ann Arbor manages to maintain a small-town feel where neighbors know each other and look out for one another. The city is home to numerous community organizations and events, from farmers' markets to block parties, that bring residents together and foster a sense of belonging. Whether you're a lifelong resident or a newcomer, you'll find that the people of Ann Arbor are warm and welcoming, always ready to lend a helping hand or share a friendly conversation. “Well-designed trail systems, a passion for the arts, worldly restaurants, plus friendly, smart residents who are civically engaged are also among the reasons Ann Arbor is one of the best cities to live in the U.S.,” said Livability. This sense of community is something that will never fade, and it’s just one of the many reasons why so many people are choosing to call Ann Arbor home—and why we’re beyond proud to be a leading homebuilder in this city. 

5. The chance to have your very own Norfolk home

The city of Ann Arbor offers a unique combination of intellectual curiosity, a thriving arts and culture scene, abundant nature and endless opportunities for personal and professional growth. It's no wonder that so many people are choosing to make this city their home—and with Norfolk Homes, you can experience the very best of Ann Arbor living. We offer a wide range of home designs across our communities in Ann Arbor, Chelsea, Dexter, Marshall, Saline and Jackson that cater to your unique needs and preferences—and we're committed to building high-quality homes that stand the test of time. We're honored to be a part of this vibrant community and look forward to helping you find your dream home in a city that is sure to exceed your expectations. If you’re ready to start your new home journey in Ann Arbor and its surrounding areas, give us a call at (734) 336-1912 or contact us online!

I have been very impressed so far with how well organized Norfolk Homes is. Working with Laura in the Design Center and then Tim at MIProTechs - and of course Lisa over all- has been a very helpful and enjoyable process, and I look forward to everything else coming together as seamlessly.