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Why winter is a great time to buy and sell a home

December 30, 2019

Some people like to nestle in for the winter and put some tasks on hold. If a new home is in your future, you don’t have to wait out the weather. Here are some good reasons why winter is a great time to buy (and sell) a home.

Benefits of buying a home in the winter

A real view of the home. When we think prime real estate season, we think of walking through a sun-lit home and admiring the landscaped yard. While that’s a lovely vision, imagine seeing a home when it’s not picture-perfect. You can see and feel how this home will be when the summer sun isn’t shining and a manicured lawn isn’t part of the curb appeal. However, you CAN feel whether it’s airtight and how the natural light from the shorter days affects the home. 

Less competition. Because fewer people choose to take advantage of the benefits of buying a home in the winter months, you face less competition for the home you want. The less competition you have, the higher your chances are for an accepted offer! Just like buyers are motivated to buy during this season, sellers are also extremely motivated to sell as well.

Eager agents, lenders, and movers. A slower real estate season also frees up Realtors’ workloads. Months with typically lower sales volumes can help agents be more motivated to negotiate a sale. You may receive more undivided attention from your real estate agent.

Loans also close quicker in the winter months than during prime real estate months. Like the real estate agents, lenders are eager to close as many sales as possible. Movers are also more readily available, so they’re better able to accommodate your schedule.

Benefits of selling your home in the winter

Serious buyers. Most shoppers during the winter are very serious, resulting in possibly a quicker and easier home sale for you. It’s no secret that sometimes people walk through open houses and new home communities just for fun, to get interior design inspiration or to pass time. The colder it is outside, the less willing these casual browsers are to battle frigid air. Winter’s homebuyers tend to be more committed to finding and buying a home. 

Relocation for jobs is a higher number during the first-quarter of the new year. These relocating employees need to find and lock down on their new home quickly during the winter months. According to Allied, over 41% of relocators only have 1 to 30 days given to move. Keep in mind, a large number of employers offer relocation assistance, making it easier for buyers to have their down payment ready. 

Winter shoppers might also be facing other life changes that require a new home, like an elderly family member moving in. Whatever the reason, while you may see less showings for your home, the people who come are ready to buy.

Less inventory to compete with. People who subscribe to the theory that people don’t buy homes in winter will not put their homes on the market until spring. When they finally list their homes, they join a growing crowd of sellers.

The weather is cold during the winter months but the real estate market doesn’t need to go into deep freeze. Norfolk Homes has a great selection move-in ready homes for sale in Greater Ann Arbor—from fully appointed, new construction townhomes to luxurious single-family home. There’s still time to make your move and start the new year right! Contact us to give yourself a very warm “Welcome home!”

Overall a great experience completing in a rush. Selection process was easy and very pleasant experience.

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